DELL EMC Unity D3-2S15-600 005051606/1608/3479 for unity 300 400 500 600

Place of Origin China
Brand Name EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600
Certification Agency qualification
Model Number 005051606
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price $100
Packaging Details Carton + foam + board
Delivery Time 5-7 working days
Payment Terms TT
Supply Ability 100pcs

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Product Details
Speed 15K Model D3-2S15-600
Material Metals And Plastics Keyword DELL EMC Unity 300/400/500/600
Agreement Fibre Channel, NFS,iSCSI Form Factor 2U/3U/4U
Weight 0.5 Drive Types SAS
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Product Description

Product Description:

The DELL EMC Unity Storage line, encompassing the DELL EMC Unity 300, 400, 500, and 600 models, is an advanced storage solution designed to meet the critical needs of businesses in today's fast-paced data environments. These systems are characterized by their exceptional speed, versatile connectivity agreements, and a range of form factors to suit various data center requirements. Each unit within this series is engineered to provide a seamless and efficient storage experience, making them a go-to choice for organizations looking to optimize their data management practices.

Speed is a critical factor in storage solutions, and the DELL EMC Unity Storage series does not disappoint. With a blazing speed of 15K, it ensures rapid access and retrieval of data, allowing businesses to operate with high efficiency and reduce latency in their workflows. This speed is essential for applications that demand quick response times and can significantly enhance the performance of databases, virtualized environments, and other data-intensive applications.

The DELL EMC Unity Storage is built to support a wide array of connectivity agreements, making it a versatile option for various IT infrastructures. It includes support for Fibre Channel, which is renowned for its high-speed data transfer capabilities, reliability, and low latency. This makes the DELL EMC Unity series particularly suitable for enterprises that require robust storage networks with superior performance. Additionally, the system supports NFS and iSCSI protocols, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of network architectures and facilitating easy integration into existing environments. This flexibility is a testament to the system's design, aimed at providing a comprehensive storage solution that can adapt to the changing needs of modern businesses.

Understanding that data centers have diverse spatial requirements, the DELL EMC Unity Storage series is available in various form factors, including 2U, 3U, and 4U configurations. This adaptability allows for efficient use of rack space and enables organizations to choose the model that best fits their physical constraints and storage capacity needs. The smaller 2U form factor is ideal for businesses with limited space, while the larger 3U and 4U models offer expanded storage for enterprises with growing data demands.

The DELL EMC Unity XT 380 is a notable model within this series, offering a midrange storage solution that brings together performance, simplicity, and cost-efficiency. This model is designed to handle the workload demands of a wide range of applications while maintaining the hallmark speed and connectivity features of the Unity series. It represents a balance between performance and investment, making it a smart choice for businesses looking for a reliable and scalable storage solution.

When it comes to packaging, the DELL EMC Unity Storage products are meticulously packed in Carton+Foam+Board to ensure the utmost protection during shipping and handling. This reliable packaging method safeguards the products from potential damages, ensuring that the storage system arrives at the customer's site in pristine condition, ready for deployment.

In summary, the DELL EMC Unity Storage series, including the DELL EMC Unity 300, 400, 500, and 600 models, is an embodiment of technological excellence in the realm of data storage. It provides the speed, connectivity, and form factor versatility needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. Moreover, the inclusion of the EMC Unity XT 380 model highlights the series' commitment to delivering high-performance midrange storage solutions. With its thoughtful packaging, the DELL EMC Unity Storage series arrives securely, ready to support the burgeoning data needs of enterprises worldwide.


Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Details
Weight 0.5
Form Factor 2U/3U/4U
Model D3-2S15-600
Agreement Fibre Channel, NFS, iSCSI
Max Drive 12Gb
Drive Types SAS
Package Carton+Foam+Board
Keyword DELL EMC Unity 300/400/500/600
Speed 15K
Material Metals And Plastics


The DELL EMC Unity Storage series, featuring the Unity D3-2S15-600 with model number 005051606, is a versatile and reliable solution for various application scenarios. Originating from China with stringent agency qualifications, this storage system is designed to meet the needs of modern data centers and enterprises that require high-performance and scalable storage solutions.

With a brand name synonymous with quality and innovation, the DELL EMC Unity Storage system is an ideal fit for businesses looking for robust storage infrastructure. The Unity D3-2S15-600 is particularly well-suited for applications such as virtualized environments, databases, file services, and server-based storage. Its support for Fibre Channel, NFS, and iSCSI agreement ensures compatibility with a wide range of network infrastructures, making it a flexible option for various IT setups.

Constructed from durable metals and plastics, and available in form factors of 2U/3U/4U, the DELL EMC Unity 300/400/500/600 series is designed to sustain the rigors of continuous operation while optimizing data center space. The system's SAS drive types ensure high-performance and reliability for critical applications. Furthermore, the minimum order quantity for the Unity D3-2S15-600 is just one unit, with a competitive price of $100, packaged securely in carton with foam and board for protection during shipping.

The delivery time for the DELL EMC Unity Storage is swift, with an estimated 5-7 working days, allowing organizations to quickly deploy and leverage its benefits. Payment terms are straightforward, with TT (Telegraphic Transfer) accepted, and a supply ability of 100pcs, ensuring that even large orders can be fulfilled without delay.

Whether it's for transactional applications that demand low-latency, large-scale virtual deployments, or consolidated storage needs, the DELL EMC Unity Storage equipped with model number 005051606 stands out as a reliable solution. It ensures operational continuity, data integrity, and provides the flexibility needed to adapt to growing storage requirements.

In conclusion, the DELL EMC Unity Storage system is a high-quality storage solution that is well-suited for a multitude of scenarios, from small businesses to large enterprises. Its reliable performance, flexible connectivity options, and robust build quality make it a valuable investment for any organization aiming to ensure data availability and business continuity.


Support and Services:

DELL EMC Unity Storage systems offer a range of product technical support and services designed to provide customers with the assistance needed to maintain high availability and performance. The support services include:

ProSupport: With Dell EMC ProSupport, customers have access to 24x7x365 global support from a team of technical experts. This service provides direct access to highly trained experts who provide hardware and software support to resolve issues quickly.

ProSupport Plus: This premium support service includes all the benefits of ProSupport with additional features such as a dedicated Technical Account Manager, priority access to hardware repairs, and proactive monitoring with SupportAssist technology. ProSupport Plus is designed to improve performance and stability through preventative maintenance, comprehensive support, and rapid resolution of critical issues.

ProDeploy: Deployment services such as ProDeploy offer a full-service installation and configuration of Unity storage systems by certified professionals. ProDeploy includes project management, hardware and software installation, configuration, and integration into existing environments, ensuring the storage system is up and running smoothly from day one.

ProDeploy Plus: This is the most complete deployment offer, ensuring a thorough and seamless setup of the Unity storage system. It includes everything in ProDeploy, plus data migration services and a detailed training session for the IT staff to ensure they are ready to manage and maintain the storage system effectively.

Self-Service Support: Dell EMC provides a comprehensive online support portal that allows customers to manage their Unity storage systems. Users can access resources such as user guides, knowledge base articles, video tutorials, firmware updates, and tools for self-service troubleshooting.

On-Site Service: For issues that cannot be resolved remotely, Dell EMC offers on-site service where a certified technician will visit the customer's location to perform repairs or replacements as necessary. This ensures minimal disruption and downtime for businesses relying on Unity storage systems.

Warranty: DELL EMC Unity Storage products come with a base warranty that covers hardware replacement and repair services. Extended warranty options are also available for customers seeking longer coverage periods and additional service enhancements.

These services are designed to ensure that customers experience minimal downtime and have access to expert assistance whenever needed, allowing them to focus on their core business operations while Dell EMC takes care of the storage infrastructure.


Packing and Shipping:

The DELL EMC Unity Storage product is carefully packaged to ensure its protection during transit. The product is encased in a robust, anti-static packaging material designed to shield it from shocks, vibrations, and any potential electrostatic discharges. Each package is clearly labeled with the product's information and handling instructions to facilitate a smooth and safe delivery process.

For shipping, the packaged DELL EMC Unity Storage is placed inside a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box that conforms to shipping industry standards. The box is sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and marked with the appropriate warning labels, such as "Fragile" and "Handle With Care," to ensure that the product is transported with the utmost caution. The shipping label with destination details is prominently displayed on the box's exterior. All shipments are dispatched through reputable couriers with tracking capability, allowing the progress of the package to be monitored until it reaches its final destination.



Q1: What is the brand and model number of the storage product?

A1: The brand of the storage product is EMC UNITY, and the model number is D3-2S15-600.

Q2: Where is the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 manufactured?

A2: The EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 is manufactured in China.

Q3: What certifications does the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 have?

A3: The EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 has the necessary agency qualifications that certify its compliance with industry standards.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600?

A4: The minimum order quantity for the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 is 1 unit.

Q5: How is the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 packaged for delivery?

A5: The EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 is packaged in a carton with foam and board to ensure its safety during transportation.

Q6: What is the price of one EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 unit?

A6: The price for one unit of EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 is $100.

Q7: What is the delivery time for the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600?

A7: The delivery time for the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 is typically 5-7 working days.

Q8: What are the payment terms for purchasing the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600?

A8: The payment terms for purchasing the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 are TT (Telegraphic Transfer).

Q9: What is the supply ability for the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600?

A9: The supply ability for the EMC UNITY D3-2S15-600 is 100pcs.